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NOTE: DTB Radio has relocated as of June 2012. The new location is the Sunoco/Subway building at 1257 Harrisburg Pike, Unit B, Carlisle, PA, 17013. The entrance is behind the building.

If you will be making a long drive to the store, please call on the day you will be coming in (before you leave) to make sure I am open that day.

We will be closed from 2/19/2016 through 2/24/2016

Normal Store hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 10AM - 6:30PM, and Sat 10AM - 1PM

Contact Info

When contacting DTB Radio, please use email. We provide phone information only as a last resort for contact purposes. Also, if you have questions about a project you are working on or want some kind of technical info, you MUST USE EMAIL. We no longer answer questions of that type over the phone.

Phone: 1-717-258-8397
Email: Use this address when you email:

Shop Location and mailing address:

DTB Radio
1257-B Harrisburg Pike
Carlisle, PA. 17013 
To send a radio for repair, click here and follow the instructions. 

When open for business, DTB radio monitors CB Channel 2

Shop hours may vary during holidays, vacations, illnesses, etc.

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