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NOTE: DTB Radio has relocated as of June 2012. The new location is the Sunoco/Subway building at 1257 Harrisburg Pike, Unit B, Carlisle, PA, 17013. The entrance is on the back wall of the building.

If you will be making a long drive to the store, please call on the day you will be coming in (before you leave) to make sure I am open that day.

Current Store hours:

Mon, Thurs, and Fri, 9 AM til 7 PM
Tues 9 AM til 6 PM
Wed 9 AM til 3 PM (tentative hours, may change without notice)
Sat 11 AM til 5 PM

We will be closing at 4:15PM on Saturday 11-18-2017.
We will be closed on Wednesday 11-22-2017.
We will be closed on Thanksgiving day 2017
We will be closing early on Black Friday 2017 (specific time not set)


These hours are subject to change without notice. Please check store hours and call ahead before making a long drive.

Contact Info

When contacting DTB Radio, I prefer email. If you have questions about a project you are working on or want some kind of technical info, you MUST USE EMAIL. I no longer answer questions of that type over the phone.

Phone: 1-717-258-8397
Email: Use this address when you email:

Shop Location and mailing address:

DTB Radio
1257-B Harrisburg Pike
Carlisle, PA. 17013 
To send a radio for repair, click here and follow the instructions. 

When open for business, DTB radio monitors CB Channel 2

Shop hours may vary during holidays, vacations, illnesses, etc.

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