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Welcome to DTB Radio Online!

Dun and Bradstreet # 82-815-7037

Online store disabled until further notice, email for radio orders.

NOTE: DTB Radio has relocated as of June 2012. New location info is posted on our contacts page

Please see our Contact info page for store hours and hours changes.

Shop Update: My fiance Megan is working here at the shop with me, and is doing a great job!!! She has been handling all of our Ebay orders since May, and answering the phone from time to time. If she answers your call, please be respectful and courteous.




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We are now OFFICIALLY on Galaxy's list of recommended out-of-warranty repair centers. Click Here for the list.

DTB Radio handles mail-order CB repairs. Click here for requirements. We do not handle mail order repair of any 23-channel radios, tube-type equipment, or amplifiers.

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Authorized Dealer for: RANGER (RCI), Stryker, WILSON ANTENNA


Other Features and Articles:
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  • CB Shop White List: A project is underway to put together a list of CB shops to trust. It will be some time before this list is more than a few shops long, but the list is finally up. Note, this list is updated as new info comes in, but not on a regular basis.
  • CB-Computer Interface - Click here for details
  • Build a FREE Spectrum Analyzer - in less than an hour!! Click here.
  • Free internet speed test! - Click Here to test your internet speed for FREE!!


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