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About DTB Radio

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DTB Radio is a company that specializes in repair and limited retail of CB Radios and accesorries.

When open for business, DTB Radio monitors CB Channel 2.

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My Approach to the Business

One thing you will notice, if you visit the shop, is that I don't pull any punches. If something is wrong with the radio, or antenna system, or if a customer's idea about how something works is wrong, I will come right out and tell him/her about it. This approach is sometimes interpreted as being rude, but that is in no way my intention. I just don't believe in wasting time beating around the bush. On the flip side, if I think a customer is right, I'll let them know.

One of my primary goals is to try to educate the customer, at least in part, in order for them to better understand their equipment, and its operation. One area that I've found to be quite unfamiliar to most of my customers is the best way to get the best sound out of a radio. Obviously, a good mic is critical, but the work done to the CB itself is equally important. Many shops will disable or remove the modulation limiter of a radio when they peak and tune it. This is sometimes referred to as "clipping" a radio. Doing this DESTROYS a radio's built-in ability to keep itself from over-modulating. My approach is to adjust the radio's internal modulation control to just over 100%, which gives maximum loudness while maintaining crystal clear sound. When a radio is modulated past 100%, it generates bleedover, as well as taking on a distorted sound in the transmit audio. I have demonstrated this effect to many, many customers, and all have agreed after hearing the difference, that my approach is the better of the two. After all, in the long run, the range and sound of the radio to whomever is listening to it on the other end is what's really important, not the best "swing" on some power meter!

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