Test Equipment List

Here is a partial list of the test equipment I use in my shop. Some items may be clickable, and will link to specs, original prices, or other details.

Make Model Quantity  Description
Tektronix 2755AP 1 Programmable Spectrum Analyzer, 10khz-20ghz 100hz rbw
HP 1725A  1 Oscilloscope
HP 1740A 1 Oscilloscope with built-in multimeter
B+K 2160A  1 Oscilloscope (in mobile repair unit)
HP 8640B 1 450khz - 1ghz AM/FM signal generator (spare)
Bird 4314B  1 PEP Power Meter
Bird 43 1 Rack-mount average power meter (in obile repair unit)
Wavenode HF-1  2 Computerized HF PEP measurement and analysis system
Topward 8140  1 .1hz-10mhz function generator
Fluke 8050A  1 Digital benchtop multimeter
Radio Shack 22-174B  1 Auto-ranging, true-RMS digital multimeter
Radio Shack 22-807  1 Auto-ranging pen-style digital multimeter
Radio Shack 22-216  1 Auto-ranging analog multimeter
Micronta 22-210  1 Analog multimeter
RSR 705K  1 Digital multimeter
B+K 1803C  1 Frequency counter
Fluke 6062A Synthesized RF signal generator
Fluke 1910A 1 Frequency counter
I-Bilt 455K  1 455khz signal generator
I-Bilt MC-Test  1 Combination microphone and coax tester
MFJ 259  1 Antenna analyzer
Powertek 9N15-50-372  1 65-amp power supply
PACE ST-75  1 Desoldering station, adjustable tip temperature
I-Bilt ST-1  1 Signal tracer and audio test amplifier, tube-type
Sencore TC130  1 Mighty-Mite III Tube Tester
Heathkit IM 4180  1 FM deviation meter
I-Bilt M50  1 50-amp current shunt and meter system

I-Bilt = I built it myself, generally from my own designs.